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Dear DMMB moddeling friends.

Here you find the final pictures of the Rheinbote on Meillerwagen project.
This model is distilled out of the documentation below, with out real construction drawings.
So it is a case of backward engineering, please realise that this is my interpretation of the Rheinbote Launcher.
The build is ready and painted, it was again a project with a lot of research and looking at the documentation over and over.
For both models there are camuflage scheme’s from the makers ( Bronco and Takom), but I don’t have a trust in these scheme.
Personally I think that they came out of the bleu with no historic evidence .
For example why should a Rheinbote been camouflaged, it comes to the site in four crates put together and fired at Antwerp.
For the Meillerwagen just the basic German Dark Yellow no three tone scheme necessary they were not used in the close combat area.
And pictures at the Meiller factory shows a trailer in a single colour.

There for just two shades of German Dark yellow from Ammo MIG on the Meillerwagen over a base of Red Lead.
The yellow colours were sprayed in a very thin layer on the difficult places giving the effect that the red lead is still visible trough the yellow, with the reason a shortage of camouflage paint.
Did use the following main paints
Meillerwagen RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb ’44DG III A.MIG -012
Launchrail parts RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb “44DG I. A.MIG -011
Rheinbote RAL 6003 Olivegrun opt 1 A.MIG -001
Tyres Vallejo 305 Light Rubber 306 Dark Rubber

As info sources was used:

Crossbow Magazine a piece of film of the front of the Rheinbote Meillerwagen.
Ron Katter his collection of original V4 document copy’s.
Henk Koopman V4 info from his book "Vergeltungs waffen in Nederland".
Volker Ruffs unpublished manuscript on the Meillerwagen types.
MFI’s unpublisched Meillerwagen manuscript “for the want of a nail”.
Waffen revue number 54.After the battle 114.
La Rheinbote ou V4.
WWW a article on the Winkelmesser 35.
WWW a article on the Aushilfsrichtmittle 38.
Stephen Remato A renovation research paper on the Meillerwagen of the Australian War Museum
Gert Brandl his update of a resin Meillerwagen in to a Rheinbote launcher.

And as usual I have to thank my model-supplier for the models used in this project.
ROBI Modelbouw
the Netherlands

Thanks for your intrest


O Yes before I forget to mention the project supervisor

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Hallo Bert,

mit so einem project supervisor kann es ja nur gut werden! Wie immer hast du was ganz tolles mit viel selbst gefertigten Teilen gebaut.


PS: Darf ich fragen wie dein project supervisor heißt?

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Beste meneer Koopman,

again you created something VERY UNIQUE !!!


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