#1 Takom / Stratenwerth Strabo crane von the rocketman 16.07.2020 11:47


The Stratenwerth Strabo crane, a license build Fries crane.Last year the planning was to build the crane and make a building review as I already did for the Vidal and Meillerwagen from TAKOM.Well that plan did failed, my health did give no Ok to the plan, so sorry no building review just some pictures of the ready combination of the Stratenwerth, Vidal trailer and the A-4 rocket.This crane is a special for the V2 units to travel the rockets from Train to Vidalwagen and Vidalwagen to the Meillerwagen.There is a survivor in the Hendon museum England pictures from this trailer were used with this build, also the book Der Strabo from Volker Ruff was a great help building the model.The people from Takom did a survey of the Hendon example of the crane the result is a model with almost no things that have to be corrected.A inspiration for this display I did use a picture out of the British Operation Backfire collection made at Cuxhaven at Germanys North Sea coast.

Model made with the support from:
Volker Ruff
And my Dutch modelshop
Robi Modelbouw for supplying the model

For the Dutch here the link to the Twenot site:

[img]Backfire loading to Vidal.png|none|fullsize]]<br />photo: IV2RG/AMW<br /><br />So now the almost as out of the box builded TAKOM crane.<br />The only new parts used are three differend types of chain the Takom chain is to large did use the Trompeter chainset.<br />And the cables for the hoist and to operating the legs are not out of the box did find them to thick.<br /><br />[[File:IMG_5995.JPG[/img]

Thats all, enjoy the photo's

Gruss Bert

#2 RE: Takom / Stratenwerth Strabo crane von Steffen 16.07.2020 12:26


Wow ! Eine wahnsinnig tolle Detailarbeit. Richtig super.

Ich hoffe du hast eine große Vitrine um dieses Meisterwerk zu schützen. Ich würde Angst beim Abstauben bekommen. Das Risiko dabei versehentlich Schaden anzurichten ... Herzinfarkt.

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