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Well on the Diana no building review but just the pictures of the completed model.

The Bronco model is one with some assumptions there is not much known on this vehicle and that shows in some aspects of the model.
The lokation of the radio is to low it is almost under the seat, it is inposible to operate.
The ammo-locker is standing free from the side wals, but on the out left and right side it shows rivets.
Then there is on the back a set of two pole's coloured in red and white I don't think that any tank-hunter would use these land markings in use by
artillery vehicles and guns, personally I think these poles are part's of the gun cleaning rod.

But for the rest a very nice model with fine details.
On none of my pictures of the Diana's are showing the Afrika corps insigna, and the Bronco transfer set is also missing the insigna.
When was this insigna implemented ? If after August 1942 it would logical because all units were lost by that time.



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#3 RE: Sd Kfz 6-3. DIANA von Speedy 14.04.2019 20:55


@the rocketman
A very interesting vehicle.
But appears in the Target Optics like a Barn.🤔🤨😄

This calls for formal Blows.😢
Change the Colour - like it.
Not too virgin and not too broken up.

Just the golden Centre.
Apetit you made for me.

Desert& Armored Vehicles 👌😋.
The Building Fever really packs.

Good Job Bert👍

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Wunderbar umgesetzt, Bert! Schöne Lackierung und tolle Verwitterung. Rundum stimmig.

#5 RE: Sd Kfz 6-3. DIANA von Panzerroland 15.04.2019 10:06


Hallo Bert,

gefällt mir sehr, die Alterung ist sehr realistisch!


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You should even add some metallizer effect at recoil tracks of the gun. Moving backward, the gun scraps of any paint showing blank metal. Also, the wood colored lockers of the ammunition box on the back seat should be painted in metal color. Some brass colored 76-shells rolling around at the bottom of the fighting compartment would add another interesting touch of color. Anyway: nice model.

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Thanks for your comments they are usefull, and I did add the sugested metal colours.
But no 76 shells the model comes in a line up of DAK vehicles and not in a fighting situation.

Gruss - With kind regards


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