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So after a long periode of building on my Meillerwagen, I want to make something else!!
But it will be related to the A4 rocket .

The Sd Kfz 7-3 for V-2 units.
This vehicle is internaly named the FZ.Pos.No. 101 Feuerleitwagen.

This is the second version of the Feuerleitwagen the first was based on a other type of halftrack from Bussing NAG fahrgestell “BN 10 H” or (HKP 902)
For the third version no Halftrack but a Opel Blitz with transportable launch equipment .

Feuerleitwagen found at Kassel area Germany after the war

For almost one and a half year I have the conversion set for a Feuerleitwagen Sd Kfz 7/3 laying in my office together with a second-hand Dragon Sd Kfz 7-1 as the base model.

Naturaly it is the best to start with a new Dragon kit, you don’t have to break it down to the basic 7 fahrgestell.
The feuerleitwagen rear box type shelter for the equipment to firing a rocket fits perfect to the Sd Kfz 7-1 just follow the instructions.

The Feuerleitwagen kit, I will use is from Leadwarrior and this is the updated version based on the last known information on the real thing.

Leadwarrior has this model in two verions in its programm one with interior and the second just the exterior of the vehicle

I will use the one with the interior, the conversion kit build straight and fast way , but do a good pre fit of the body parts, in my case the roof was a little bended .
But it could be corrected with the help of a fohn.

The first action I did was washing all parts of the set including the PE to get it free from any grease. In that way the glue and paint will hold better to the parts of the model.
The Dragon model was already in a first layer of dark grey paint so no need to wash it.

I find the four A4 pages of the building instructions from Leadwarrior very clear to use.
The pictures give a very good sight on what you on your workbench get, below the interior drawing.

You can find the manual on the Leadwarrior site http://www.leadwarrior.com/Lw35222.htm

As far as I can judge the people from Leadwarrior did a great job creating the inside of this rare vehicle, could give just minor comments of the inside it is correct when I compare it with my photo collection.

As you know from my other building reviews I will not write page after page with nice words, but I will try to do it with less words and more pictures.

“So let the images speak’

The Dragon kit without the rear deck with it’s Flak , already the first part of the conversion kit at its place

The Dragon kit in the first two layers of paint, the first red lead / mennig and the second dunkel gelb.

Test fit of the rearbody fits the first time

The Cabin with the roof in a open position shows the major resin inside parts

For the inside of the cabin I gone use the German Ivory inside colour for vehicles, for the floor I think a red lead / mennig colour with some metal colour on the worn off patches.
The paint I gone use will be the same colour set as the Meiller and Vidalwagen from MIG ammo.

Mit bestem Gruß,


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Part II

No I’m not that far !!

The above picture is from my first Feuerleitwagen based on the old Tamiya Sd Kfz 7 and yes it is a scratch build made from Tamiya play-plate, and made with the drawing of the good old Model Fan.

For the moment I’m still working on the inside of the model the inside is painted and almost all parts are on there place.

I must say that Leadwarrior made a very nice set of PE for this model and special the PE for the control panels.
Did check them with the original drawings and every button, switch, signal lamp and measuring device are there.

Everything gives a good impression of the real thing.

Did give the floor a layer of mennig and then a dry brush with a bare metal paint an as a finish some dark brown earth.
The commander seat can be placed up or down position and has chains as a support.

Some pictures of the launching panels in the rear of the vehicle.

The entrance door of the launch cabin with the hinging and locking system.
This locking system is not in the kit, because it was found after the moment of the release of this model. (nice point for the next update of this model)

The front roof of the cabin is at it’s place.

Finally the cabin is closed no more inside detailing.

Thanks for viewing



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Real impressive and sophisticated work.

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Feurleitwagen part III

What was the job of the Feuerleitwagen or Feuerleitpanzer.
This vehicle was the command centre of the V-2 battery, here was the countdown to launch the V2 rocket.
A Schiesszug (launch unit) had a Tisch (table), a Spannungs versorgungs wagen (power supply truck) Steyr 2000 and a Feuerleitwagen (launch truck) and as last not to forget the Meillerwagen
These four were the hart of the launch operation, in the Feuerleitwagen there were a number of consoles with measurements and control lights to over see the rocket.
There were a number of controle switches to switch the pre launch stages of the rocket and finally the launch switch.
The Feuerleitwagen had also on board the telephone switchboard for the telephone contacts with the Meillerwagen 2 lines, the Steyr 1 line and connections to the several other unit vehicles.
There was also a special communication set on-board for communication to the BS truck
Specially for the Bren-schluss (engine stop) of the rocket.
These vehicle were a part of the 100 number group
Fz.Pos.No.101 Feuerleitwagen
Fz.Pos.No.102 Meillerwagen
Fz.Pos.No.103 Meiller Tisch on its 1axle trailer
Fz.Pos.No.105 Spannungs versorgungs wagen.
In total there were six vehicle groups 100/200/300/400/500/600 with in a battery, all with special task's

The grand total of vehicles of a battery is more than 150 different vehicles, trailers and motor cycles, as you can see not a small operation.

Back to the model of the Feuerleitwagen.

With the cabin closed the final jobs can be done outside detailing and painting the the vehicle.

All the paintlayers on the vehicle are from Ammo MiG the basic paint is number
RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus 44 DG I A-MIG011
After this the special cammuflage is done in a three colour camo based on pictures of a original operational Feuerleitwagen, used are:
RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus 44 DG III A-MIG012
RAL 8017 Schokobraun A MIG-015
Reseda Green A MIG-003

The picture above give a good view on the use of Lights when working on our models .
The first with the model in my paint-cabin with Halogen and the two other under daylight led lamps, these pictures show how important it is to work with the right light colour, good daylight lamps have the light-colour 6500K (Kelvin).

Last year we found a difference in the normal front axle of the SdKfz7 versions and the one of the Sd Kfz7 -3 Feurleitwagen.
The Sd Kfz 7-3 has a reinforced front axle see the picture, this reinforcement is not documented , so what you see on the picture is a estimated measurement.
This is not in the Leadwarrior model because of the fact that the model was already fore sale when the reinforcement was discovered, for the same reason that there is no TFb unit in the interior.

Have good news for those who are waiting for the new books of Volker Ruff.
The expected date for his book Specialfahrzeuge: Peenemunde 1942-45
is between the end of April and June this year.

With kind regards.


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Wahnsinns Arbeit, Bert. Ich finde es nach wie vor unglaublich, mit welcher Akribie Du recherschierst und baust.

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Feureleitwagen part IV

So friends the last part of the Feureleitwagen builds, not so much pages as the Meillerwagen
Mainly because there was less research to be done on this special vehicle,
but with a good result as I may say so.

In part III, I did explain the colours used on the halftrack, but how did I find out the
colours used by the most secret unit of the German Wehrmacht in 1944/45.
Well there is software on the market to change a black and white picture in to a coloured picture,
and these free to use are not perfect but very use full.
But after the change you have the basic colours like in this case a yellow/green/braun colour,
so it is painted in the three colour scheme of 44/45 .

We all now the basic colours for the end of the war, and depending on the kind of paint brand you can
order the needed paints at your shop, in my case those from Ammo MIG.
As you maybe have seen in my other reviews I’m not a hard liner when it becomes to paint colours,
I think that I get a better result by following my feelings.
And I do not agree with those who say that all paint was exactly the same, like now days by following theRAL instructions, certainly not at the end of the war.When every type of pigments was used and also a number of differed dilutions from water to diesel and benzin.
Did some small scratch details on the hull lockers, for the locker at the left side of the body,
I made six new flasks (containing oil) and a other new battery.

At the rear there is the towing cable made from twisted steel wire originally with a length of 5 mtr
in scale 142 mm and a diam. of 6 mm to scale 0.45mm.

The locker on the right side has 3 lets and one in a open position with some extra ring keys,
did use some from a set of ABER PE 35 A68

So please take a look at the pictures of this fine combination of kits by Dragon and Leadwarrior.

So this is the final step of this review.

In the near by future I want to place this model on a Dio base, situated in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.
Controlling the start of a rocket out of a dense pine (Kiefern) wood on a wet day in
March 1945 as a tactical weapon against the American army.

Hope that this review is useful for builders of this very special Halftrack.
Not only Leadwarrior has a Feuerleitwagen in the collection also Azimut with interior CODE: V2AZI35153, and Custom scale also with interior have a conversion set of this remarkable vehicle,
but I only know them from pictures in a magazine or from the there webshops.

With regards


Ps if you have questions about this build please get in contact.

With many thanks to my fellow members of the IV2RG (International V2 Research Group) for there support in my V-2 related building projects.

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For those who want a Feurleitwagen, the Trompeter model is comming on the market right now
Kitmaker has some pictures of the sprue see the following link.

Released a year after it was first announced, here are further details and images of the kit contents.Sd.Kfz.7/3 Half-Track Artillery Tractor (09537). Containing 900+ parts including photo-etched details, the kit boasts of newly tooled parts, individual track links, and rubber tires with fine detail.



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