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As you may now I’m a model builder with a special interest in the German Vergeltungswaffe V-1 , V-2 and the almost unknown V-4 Rheinbote.
But my main interest is the V-2 from the start until the use by the British, Americans and also the Russian.
Some of you may follow the Meillerwagen build on this forum, but now I want to show some finished models of the vehicle column of a V-2 battery.
Specialy the B-stoff tanker for the alcohol feul of the rocket, working at a model for a Belgium model collector I did inspect my one B-stoff tankers and did find something special my column, it has in total 5 different models of the B-stoff tanker, made from the 80’s till now 2017 .

It starts with a Vacu model from Airmodels, then a Model from Azimut, followend by the first edition of Leadwarrior, the Italery B-stoff, and finaly the updated and improved second edition of the Leadwarrior.

Looking at these models I can observe that my knowledge about the V-2 vehicles was not that much when I started building them.
It starts with a two totally green vehicles the Airmodel and the Azimut pained with a Humbrol Autentic Green

The Azimut got the in the last couple of weeks a painting update in to the three colour camouflage.
The info on this three colour scheme came from the Bundesarchive
Bild B0048-45 *), this is a picture of a T-stoff tanker in black and white, using a converter program to get the colours back, and the new paint scheme as the result.
For the painting AMMO Mig colours were used
RAL 8017 Schokobraun A Mig 015
RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus ’44 DGI A Mig 011
Reseda green A.Mig 003

Then a small disaster came to above when I take my 1e edition Leadwarrior model out of the vitrine cabinet , the weight of the resin body was to big for the tiny and thin parts of the frame.
The body was directly resting on the tyres every thing was bent under it, so I need to make a new frame for this model.
It is painted with Humbrol enamel paints the body in German yellow as shown on some pictures (the old authentic colours from Humbrol)

Ten the last two a Italeri and the second edition of the Leadwarrior B-stoff tanker.
When building this injection Italeri tanker I did not gave me the good feeling but now when it is finished you have to take a good look to see what is resin and what is injection moulded.
For the Italery I did take also the AMMO Mig paints but with a difference
The basic colour for both of them is RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus ’44 DGI A Mig 011
The lower paint of the stripes is Reseda green A.Mig 003
The upper stripe colour is different I did use here the
RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb’44 DG III AMig 012

For the Lead Warior I did use the Reseda Green opt B A Mig 004 for the upperstripe
The change of the last colour is giving the vehicle a complete different look.

And as last remark I have to compliment the Lead Warrior designers, because the listen to there clients.

After building the first I had a conversation with them about some errors in the model, and to my surprise these are solved.

Comment or questions are very welcom.

*) Bundesarchive collection of Peenemunde pictures.
Archive picture number 45 of 1945



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